Individual and Family Plans

Baptist Health Plan entered the individual market in support of the Affordable Care Act and the expansion of coverage for Kentuckians in January 2016. However, changes in the market – including the departure of the Kentucky Health Cooperative and Aetna – make participation unsustainable for a regional health plan our size. Beginning January 2017, we will no longer offer products in the individual market, including plans on the exchange.

Baptist Health Plan remains committed to the employer market through the offering of our group health insurance products, and will continue to offer Medicare Advantage plans to Medicare-eligible individuals.

Baptist Health Select Kynect Members
Baptist Health Select Off-Exchange Members

Baptist Health Plan Select offers coverage options for you and your family. You get access to a network of Baptist Health doctors and hospitals, as well as non-Baptist Health providers across the region. Our plans also include prescription drug coverage.

Baptist Health Plan Select is focused on helping you stay well and live better. That’s why we offer coverage and benefits that fit your lifestyle and your budget.

An individual plan like Baptist Health Plan Select is a plan that you buy for yourself, instead of receiving the plan through an employer. You can shop online to compare plans, benefits and prices to find a plan that is right for you.

Baptist Health Plan Select might be right for you if:

  • You work for an employer that doesn’t offer health insurance
  • You are not eligible for health insurance from your employer
  • You are self-employed
  • You want to explore health insurance options other than what is offered by your employer
  • You are losing coverage under your parent’s plan
  • You qualify for subsidies under kynect, Kentucky’s health insurance marketplace

Click here for information on how to get health care coverage for you and your family through Baptist Health Plan Select.

Baptist Health Plan Select makes it as simple as possible for you and your loved ones to get the care you need. By choosing a provider-led health plan, you get care and coverage working together. That means a personalized, simple process for you from a plan that provides you with preventive care, prescription drug coverage, and other benefits.

Baptist Health Plan Select providers – including Baptist Health and non-Baptist Health providers work together and share information, making sure you get the care, services and support you need. Many of our doctors are connected to each other through technology. It allows them to coordinate your care every step of the way, and build a valuable partnership with you all year around.

Care Advising services

One of the things that makes Baptist Health Plan Select different is our doctor-led, team-based approach to care. A great example is PATH, your Personal Approach to Health. PATH is designed to help our members manage the challenges that come along with difficult and complex health conditions. If you participate in this service, you will have a personalized care team who will work with you to create a step-by-step plan for your health needs. This team is led by your primary care physician (PCP), and it may also include a nutritionist, pharmacist, caregivers and community resources. This coordinated approach can help reduce your healthcare costs

For questions regarding Baptist Health Plan Select call 844.842.1510 and a Baptist Health Plan representative can assist you.

Last Updated: 10/14/2016, 12:50 pm